singer/songwriter whose unique voice, melodies and lyrics illuminate the light and beauty of the darkest corners of our hearts.

Her talent has lead to her collaboration with, amongst others:

  • Sacha Skarbek (Ivor Novello Award winner, Grammy nominee) and writer of such hits as ‘You’re Beautiful’ for James Blunt.

  • Paul Herman writer of ‘Thank you’ for Dido.

  • Craig Armstrong, Orchestral composer and Oscar winner for film music for Baz Luhrmen’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Moulin Rouge’.

  • Drole de Maison

  • Norma Jean, the musical

  • Song for Rio Olympics 2016.

Verity premiered her album ‘La Verity’ at the Purcell Room, South Bank, London. La Verity Album on Amazon.


The Groper's Guide' gives an eye opening insight into the hidden world of the unseen, in which the wonders of Verity’s world are bumped into, tripped over, scratched, sniffed and fallen in love with. The book gives a humorous account of the travels and tribulations that she experiences while growing up as a blind explorer, whose perspective of the world adds a new dimension to an already colourful planet. We follow her journey through a wonderland and watch (just as they did for Alice), things for Verity become ‘curiouser and curiouser'.

The Groper’s Guide is true to the image of its author: energetic, droll, extraordinarily gifted and, above all, immensely courageous. It tells with intelligence, vivacity and considerable talent, an inspirational tale of one woman’s determination to lead a manifold and successful career in the face of a severe handicap. A career in such diverse fields as sport, theatre and music. In addition she has accomplished the feat of writing her amazing story with lightness, perspicacity and wit.

Verity also writes for The Huffington Post.